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About Matt

Dr Matt Finch with Behind the Book's Comic Workshop in Brooklyn, NYC

I’m a writer and content producer who creates media and events to help people learn, play, and explore.

I write on science, the arts, and pop culture for print and online media, and also create content for business and the public sector. You might find me explaining the science of snake venom, exploring 21st century librarianship, or investigating the Finnish education system. I can also overhaul existing material to make it clear and compelling, whether for a wide readership or a specialised audience.

I’m best known for running interactive live-action programmes: festivals, games, and workshops that build social cohesion, help people learn, and offer participants a fun time.

My programmes speak in the audience’s own terms. By bringing people into the world of a story, I help kids, teens, and adults to learn, play, and explore. I’ve used social media, print, and visuals to ensure these projects achieve maximum impact. I also offer consultancy in community outreach and play-based learning. The events I’ve created for publishers and media companies have helped them to research new productions.

While I’ve spoken in both the Australian Parliament and the British Parliament,  I’m equally confident running a pub outreach event for adults, or teaching kindergarteners to make comics. I’ve pitted teens, cops, and firefighters against zombies; in New Zealand’s largest city, I’ve run a burlesque festival. I played a major role in helping to found Australia’s first rural comic convention, the 2014 Central West Comics Fest.

Once upon a time, I even ate a daffodil for love, although to be honest that didn’t go entirely well.

Full biography

Dr. Matt Finch writes and creates immersive play activities for all ages: live-action scenarios incorporating theatre, games, and storytelling.

His work includes writing for print and online media around the world, creating web content for English public services, plus delivering schools outreach workshops and an award-winning Researcher in Residence role for the University of London. He was a consultant to the Australian library team which won the national Bess Thomas award for youth services in 2014.

In 2010, Matt spoke at the British House of Commons for Volunteer Reading Help (now Beanstalk), an English literacy support charity. In 2012, he spoke in Australia’s Parliament House at the inaugural meeting of the Australian Early Literacy Parliamentary Friendship Group. In 2014, he was a keynote speaker at the biennial Australasian culture sector conference VALA – you can find video and audio coverage at the VALA website.

Matt also holds a Ph.D. in Modern Intellectual History from the University of London. His writing credits cover a range of print and online media in the US, UK, and beyond.

Find out more about Matt’s writing.

Here are a few case studies.

See testimonials for Matt’s work.

And you can hear an April 2014 interview with Matt by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation here:


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